Being a part of Leadership Delaware is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. As a Delaware native having learned about Delaware history in elementary school and at the university level, nothing comes close to the education I have received on Delaware in the few short months I have been a part of this program. The speakers we are exposed to on a monthly basis are the best of the best in Delaware. The program makes you look at the progress Delaware has made in its history and leaves you challenged to find new ways to improve on its future politically, professionally, and through active volunteerism.

Andy Cherry - Class of 2010 - Progect Manager

If you've ever had a desire to learn, to grow, to be challenged, to make meaningful connections and long-lasting friendships; or if you've ever believed you could make a positive difference in your community - then Leadership Delaware is your answer. This program provides unparalleled insight into the key issues affecting our state. Hearing from top experts in their fields, I could critically examine issues through different lenses. I got to understand varying perspectives. I got to discover my own truth. Having completed this program, I am far more educated, engaged, enlightened, empowered, and dare I say, visionary, than ever before. But it's much more than just a one-year program. It's a framework in which to live your life - the Leadership Delaware way. In our 'Small Wonder', everything is an opportunity. We began as a group of strangers, equally eager and enthusiastic, but we evolved into a group of fellows who not only know how to take action, but will take action. No problem is too big or too small, if we only work together. Before Leadership Delaware, I always dreamed big, but now, I can dream even bigger.

Valerie Miller - Class of 2012 - Development Director
Milford Housing

Leadership Delaware introduces up-and-coming leaders of the first state to the area's most seasoned and accomplished leaders. From every walk of life, every industry, and every political background, Fellows band together with a common vision to ensure a prosperous future for Delaware. Like the best-selling book, Tuesdays with Morrie, Leadership Delaware helps every Mitch Albom find their Morrie Schwartz. This has been the opportunity of a lifetime.

Monet Smith - Class of 2010 - Director of Human Resources
Laurel School District

Finally, I found a program that matches, challenges and reaffirms my cares and concerns for our state, our leaders and our future as Delawareans. I challenge anyone to find a college or corporate leadership program that cultivates more poised, rounded and engaged upcoming leaders. One of my favorite aspects of the program involves having a topic presented from speakers of all viewpoints and how prepared each speaker comes with supportive data. In addition to the opportunity of meeting and learning from top leaders, I have developed incredibly genuine, honest and lasting relationships with so many of my fellows, alumni, board members, founders and even speakers. It has been a privilege to be involved in something so unique, intense and worthwhile as Leadership Delaware.

Melodie Spotts - Class of 2011 - Board of Education (frm.)
Colonial School District

At the end of each monthly session, I walked away invigorated and ready to make a difference, and humbled to be part of such an amazing group of individuals. Often, expectations fall short, but Leadership Delaware far surpassed anything I imagined. The wide array of Delaware's leaders we were fortunate to meet and have candid conversations with provided an eye-opening experience. The knowledge, contacts, and bonds established among the fellows of Leadership Delaware will be the catalyst for positive change and civic engagement. There are great things in store for Delaware!

Trisha Newcomber - Class of 2012 - Economic Development, Information Technology Manager
City of Seaford

Forging relationships with the most pivotal and up-and-coming leaders in our community, and exploring complex issues from both sides, has given me a greater understanding of both, the similarities, and the differences among all of us who want Delaware to be the best for our children, and their future. More empowered and energized, I look forward to working with my new friends and taking on a new leadership role within our GREAT state!

Martha Sturtevant - Class of 2009

As a Leadership Delaware Fellow I am enormously grateful for the opportunity to learn from the leading decision makers in our state. Our speakers are engaging experts in their field who encourage a candid and fascinating exchange of ideas with the Fellows. We discuss a wide range of public policy issues ranging from education, economic development, healthcare, environment, immigration and the state budget. Thankfully, many of the Fellows approach these issues from differing perspectives, which can create spirited discussions. Leadership Delaware is an excellent resource for those of us who are determined to make significant improvements to Delaware. Although some of the Fellows will implement their changes in Legislative Hall, I believe all of the Fellows will make significant improvements to Delaware by better leading their organizations as a result of the experience from Leadership Delaware.

Matthew Terrell - Class of 2010 - Founder, Partner & Adjunct Professor
Vision Creations, Signature Group & University of Delaware

Leadership Delaware offers unprecedented access to and interactions with respected leaders in business, government, and philanthropic organizations. These individuals bring contagious energy, passion, and knowledge. The Board members make themselves available as mentors and advisors and bring a wealth of leadership experience. As a 2011 Fellow, I've increased my knowledge on the most important issues facing the state of Delaware. I've had the privilege of hearing over 100 speakers across a spectrum of topics relevant to Delaware leaders. My own personal leadership skills, such as public speaking, debating, and listening to different perspectives, have all improved through practice during my fellowship experience. Without a doubt, however, the relationships formed with the other Fellows have made the experience a worthwhile endeavor. I've learned a great deal from my peers, forged lasting friendships with men and women worthy of respect, and have a group of leaders on whom I can rely for the rest of my life.

Michael Sicuranza, CFP - Class of 2011 - CFP, Co-Founder & Principal
Milestone Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Leadership Delaware provides a truly unique experience that is unmatched in the state of Delaware. The contributors to this program are an amazing collection of the most talented, experienced, and highly influential leaders within this state and nationally. The breadth and scope of discussion topics are vast and pervade the full spectrum of public policy, finance, law, and economic development. Most importantly, there is an emphasis on presenting all sides of an issue. Fellows of this program are challenged to leave their prejudices at home and examine issues critically. In addition, the camaraderie that is present is akin to an extended fraternity with an open forum for lively and spirited discussions. There is no doubt that every participant of Leadership Delaware will benefit from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Dr. Vinay Maheshwari - Class of 2011 - Director, Medical Critical Care; Medical Director, Respiratory Therapy
Christiana Care Health Systems

Leadership Delaware is the tip of the spear. I feel very fortunate to be part of the foremost educational program in our great state. Leadership Delaware has allowed me to learn and engage with the leading experts in healthcare, education, banking, economic development, immigration, climate change and leadership. Being a Fellow in Leadership Delaware is a challenging, rewarding and eye-opening experience. This program should be a pre-requisite for anyone interested in business, community involvement or politics in Delaware.

Louis Saindon - Class of 2010 - Marketing Manager
Sandler Occupational Medicine Associates, Inc.





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