Leadership Delaware provides a truly unique experience that is unmatched in the state of Delaware. The contributors to this program are an amazing collection of the most talented, experienced, and highly influential leaders within this state and nationally. The breadth and scope of discussion topics are vast and pervade the full spectrum of public policy, finance, law, and economic development. Most importantly, there is an emphasis on presenting all sides of an issue. Fellows of this program are challenged to leave their prejudices at home and examine issues critically. In addition, the camaraderie that is present is akin to an extended fraternity with an open forum for lively and spirited discussions. There is no doubt that every participant of Leadership Delaware will benefit from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Dr. Vinay Maheshwari - Class of 2011 - Director, Medical Critical Care; Medical Director, Respiratory Therapy
Christiana Care Health Systems

When was the last time you had goose bumps imagining your potential? The answer is - every Leadership Delaware session. To participate in Leadership Delaware is to have your eyes opened to the inner workings of the First State. The breadth and depth of topics covered is amazing and the caliber of speakers is fantastic. While my level of pride in our great state has increased, my level of frustration and disappointment in its current condition has as well. It is true that knowledge is a key element and motivator of leadership - the program has lit a fire in each of us to make a difference. There are many roads in life, which we travel, but Leadership Delaware has been the speedway to our future leadership roles.

Bianca Fraser-Johnson - Class of 2010 - Senior Vice President
Bank of America

Leadership Delaware has connected me to a community of talented individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs who all share a common goal - making Delaware great. In short, Leadership Delaware turns ideas into actions and questions into answers. The program has provided me a front row seat to speakers from all areas of business, government, and nonprofits. The year-long program has been an investment in realizing my full potential, understanding the challenges ahead, and establishing relationships that will extend far beyond graduation.

CR McLeod - Class of 2011 - Chief Community Relations Officer
Dept Of State Delaware

As a newcomer to the First State, I feel privileged to be a Leadership Delaware fellow. The program has given me an in-depth understanding of the issues facing our state and challenged me to use my experience and resources to become engaged in its future. I am grateful for the speakers who dedicate their time to Leadership Delaware, for the relationships I've forged with fellows and board members and for the overall program that has rigorously prepared me to be a leader in my community.

Ranie Good - Class of 2011 - Owner & Marketing Strategist
Strategic Goods

Leadership Delaware has been an opportunity that will forever be one of the defining moments of my life. The speakers have challenged my core thoughts and beliefs, and they have inspired a higher expectation of what I hope to accomplish in my life. Equally as important, the program has provided me with an influential network of people who go out of their way to help and encourage my growth as a leader. The most valuable and long lasting component of the program is the relationship I have developed with the other fellows in the program. These people are no longer just fellows in the program with me, but they each are now a close friend as well. I cannot help but feel as if the door has just been opened.

Jason Adkins - Class of 2010 - 2l
Widener School of Law

Leadership Delaware has proven to be one of the best educational programs I have ever participated in. The quality of speakers, the camaraderie among the course fellows and the content of the program have been fantastic. It has been a true privilege to be involved with such a great group. I have developed friendships outside of my general sphere of influence and have also gained a tremendous amount of knowledge into the inner workings of the First State. The Strine's have done a fantastic job with the organization of the course and the State of Delaware as a whole is lucky that they have chosen to dedicate their time and influence to building young leaders in our State.

Casey Kenton - Class of 2009 - Regional Manager
Investors Realty

Leadership Delaware has far exceeded my expectations. It is a crash course on the most important issues, which this State faces and which will determine our quality of life for generations to come. This program exploded out of the gate (at the initial interview and the monthly sessions) and is a very interactive experience. It is not a passive program where there are a lot of "talking heads" that bore you with the obvious "history of Delaware". It is a "living classroom" in the topics of business, community engagement, economic development, health, politics, education, and the basics of respect, human dignity and the right relationships. It is also not a program for the faint of heart. LDI stretches and challenges you in unexpected ways and will take you out of your comfort zone. You will be challenged and compelled to test the premise upon which you operate, an absolute must for any leader!

Andy Staton - Class of 2010 - Real Estate Professional
Prudential Gallo REALTORS

While I was a bit hesitant initially about the time commitment and work involved, I am very glad to be a part of something so exciting in Delaware. It has been a great learning experience with exposure to so many wonderful speakers. I have been able to learn about so many aspects of Delaware I never would have known if not for this program. As a business owner, I have been able to grow my network and knowledge base. It was easily one of the best decisions I have made since I have been in Delaware.

Samantha Diedrick - Class of 2010 - President & Owner
Secretariat - Wedding & Event Planning

If you've ever had a desire to learn, to grow, to be challenged, to make meaningful connections and long-lasting friendships; or if you've ever believed you could make a positive difference in your community - then Leadership Delaware is your answer. This program provides unparalleled insight into the key issues affecting our state. Hearing from top experts in their fields, I could critically examine issues through different lenses. I got to understand varying perspectives. I got to discover my own truth. Having completed this program, I am far more educated, engaged, enlightened, empowered, and dare I say, visionary, than ever before. But it's much more than just a one-year program. It's a framework in which to live your life - the Leadership Delaware way. In our 'Small Wonder', everything is an opportunity. We began as a group of strangers, equally eager and enthusiastic, but we evolved into a group of fellows who not only know how to take action, but will take action. No problem is too big or too small, if we only work together. Before Leadership Delaware, I always dreamed big, but now, I can dream even bigger.

Valerie Miller - Class of 2012 - Development Director
Milford Housing

As a Leadership Delaware Fellow I am enormously grateful for the opportunity to learn from the leading decision makers in our state. Our speakers are engaging experts in their field who encourage a candid and fascinating exchange of ideas with the Fellows. We discuss a wide range of public policy issues ranging from education, economic development, healthcare, environment, immigration and the state budget. Thankfully, many of the Fellows approach these issues from differing perspectives, which can create spirited discussions. Leadership Delaware is an excellent resource for those of us who are determined to make significant improvements to Delaware. Although some of the Fellows will implement their changes in Legislative Hall, I believe all of the Fellows will make significant improvements to Delaware by better leading their organizations as a result of the experience from Leadership Delaware.

Matthew Terrell - Class of 2010 - Founder, Partner & Adjunct Professor
Vision Creations, Signature Group & University of Delaware





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